"I am convinced that the use of healing with sound will soon become standard practice for many physicians."

Mitchell L. Gaynor, MD, New York Oncologist 

Welcome to Sing Your Soul Song!

If you're like so many people I've accompanied on their cancer journey

                                                        ♦ Cancer makes you feel stressed or confused

                                                        ♦ You feel betrayed by your body - shocked!

                                                        ♦ You're overwhelmed by helpful advice

                                                        ♦ Too many medical appointments

                                                        ♦ Feel a lack of personal power

                                                        ♦ Sometimes fearful of speaking up                                                                                                                                                    ♦ Do you ever want to yell...STOP! I NEED PEACE!!!


                   Watch and read below to find out what so many people are saying about                   

Sing Your Soul Song!

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Michele, you are uniquely qualified to bring people to a greater sense of peace in their experience of dealing with cancer. In private & group sessions with you, I always feel safe & deeply nurtured. I'm in awe of your profound wisdom, your intuitive hits, and the sound play exercises you share, which bring such insightful awareness into my experience. They are amazing and fun. You are always on target and are helping me to discover and heal the deep core wounds which triggered the situation in the first place. I am so grateful for your wonderful work.

Michele helped me through the most difficult journey of my life when I had to face breast cancer last year.  I give her my highest recommendation. She is adept at working with people who are in crisis states due to a cancer diagnosis. Her methodology is gentle, supportive, loving and very powerful. Michele has stepped outside the box to offer a service that only she can provide through her sound healing approach. Everyone knows someone battling cancer.  Michele's work is needed in this world.  Michele, you rock!   

Thank you, Randy Peyser (In Remission)

Our session was very powerful!  I'm finding it easier to let go of my pain, and I am feeling more hope that I will truly find the true peace, love, and joy I have yearned for in my life.  I am so grateful to you, Michele! This is life-changing.  You have the insights and tools to push me through.  Thank you!    

I felt really safe exploring these things with you.  I appreciate how really present you are when we are together, how open you are to whatever comes up, your unconditional acceptance, your encouragement, and your support.  You hold the space so well.  I felt like I let myself be more vulnerable in my drop-in cancer group, and others responded to me with similar feelings.  I had a conversation with my son about living life with Joy, Happiness, Health and Vibrancy!  I'm clearing out so much, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  I'm feeling freer and looking forward to that feeling growing and growing.  It's time!           
GSL  (In Remission)

In working with you, I feel happier and more open.  I came here very anxious and my heart was A-fibbing. Now, my mind is clearer, more open and my anxiety is gone.  I have no A-fib symptoms!  I like closing my eyes and hearing your chanting and the bells.  I love the clear vibration of the healing crystal bowl.  It feels like a living organism that enters my chest cavity and is so relaxing.  Your voice is also relaxing and beautiful.  You sing all the right tones.  I see how this can improve cancer symptoms.  Very conducive to healing & relaxation!  You've lifted my spirit, cleared my mind and helped me get the gunk out of my chest.  It allows better sleep & relaxation. It takes away all the dryness and warmth that's so uncomfortable.  I feel the air circulating on my skin, and more circulation within and around my body, rather than the stagnation that happens when I lie in bed too long in my nightgown.   People with cancer are helped with your work. I'm so much calmer.  Thank you!                                                       
Mary Worthy, PAMF Cancer Patient

Mary Worthy, Now in Remission:  After a restful symphony of crystal bowl vibrations around my bladder, the muscle spasms that have plagued me are gone!  What wonderful relief!  The tones are so beautiful in their clarity and fullness. 

I want to express my utmost gratitude for your beautiful work.  It was a sweet dive into my inner child self.  Your sacred tones and caressing words were so sweet for me.  I had a complete feeling that my nervous system finally surrendered and said "Aaaaahhhhh! You are safe, you are safe, you are safe.  You can fully relax and remember your wholeness."
Icasiana Barrs - Healthier Than Ever Before, Way Beyond Remission!

What a gift of divine sound concert I received from you last night!  It was so harmonious and healing.  I actually slept better, too.  I'm still vibrating!  Many thanks!  

I love the crystal bowls. The sounds are so calming, yet energizing at the same time. I felt so totally enveloped by them that I ceased to hear the traffic streaming by; and when you were done playing the bowls, the sounds from the cars sounded like the music.

When I received sad news later that day, I knew I needed to walk with friends.  Since receiving my diagnosis, I've never had enough energy for two walks in the same day.  After being surrounded by the amazing music from the crystal bowls, I knew I'd have plenty of energy.  My friends were quite surprised at my stamina. If it wasn't for the experience of the crystal bowls, I would not have been able to process my grief through exercise and companionship. Thank you!

I've spoken highly of the experience to the women in my cancer support group. I expect several of them will be participating with you. Thank you again for the healing energy. I greatly look forward to many more sessions to come.

Why do I do this?
 It started when I lived the cancer journey with my mother. I so wanted to help her with everything she was going through. All my work is dedicated to my mother, Fay.  This is for you, Mom!   

I look forward to meeting You soon!                        

Come play with us!

Michele with her mom, Fay, and dad, Harry



Make choices that feel right to you

Easily speak up for yourself

Sleep better

Experience the hope you may have lost

Enjoy being in your body

Simply relax, and find peace

Thrivers, you'll find ways to stay in a peaceful,

hopeful mode of living that will keep you healthy


While your doctor is working with your physical immune system,

I engage and support your spiritual immune system to

complement your whole health picture for your successful healing!