Michele Newman - Sing Your Soul Song

As a sonic vibration specialist and intuitive, Michele integrates her spiritual direction training and Deep Listening with voice, crystal bowls, sound play games, and a non-judgmental, safe place for people to express their deepest soul sense through music.

She works with cancer clinics as complementary medicine, leads groups and workshops in many venues, and offers sessions to private clients. Michele also works with kids privately and in schools to help them with their anxiety, stress and fears.

She is a former Bay Area Jazz Vocalist, actress and music teacher (BA Theater Arts & Education, CA Teaching Credential - UC Santa Cruz; Music Education/Jazz Specialization Credential – San Jose State University).  She utilizes her voice, crystal singing bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls and other sound healing instruments for healing integration.

Michele has also studied cantorial liturgy and often leads Shabbat & Holiday services in her Jewish Community with her rabbi. She is co-founder of a Women's New Moon (Rosh Chodesh) group that began in 1992. She crafts Simchat Chochmah, Women of Wisdom rituals. She has been studying Kabbalah since 1993 and now teaches "Embodiment of Kabbalah Within Your Senses"  She's also been teaching Hebrew to Bar & Bat Mitzvah students since 2003. 

She has co-led interfaith events, experiencing the rich traditions of Muslims, Sufis, Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Native American, Wiccan, Pagan and others (not all at the same time), and holds space for the weaving of all traditions in our communal super-heart. She has an interfaith marriage with Bishop Eliahu Goodman. Together, they help couples create their own wedding ceremonies, and officiate. They lead a playshop for Integration of Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Within Your Own Soul.