• Sacred Spirit Shasta

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Sacred Spirit Shasta
July 14, 15, 16

Facilitated by Michele Newman & Eliahu Goodman
  Enter your sacred personal portal embraced and enfolded
  by Ascended Masters of Mt. Shasta! 

*Enjoy Conscious Living in Sacred Space with a great group for 3 days! 

*Meet & commune with your personal Spirit Guides & Angels. 

*Connect with Galactic Beings & view their Space Vehicles

*Activate your Soul Mandala to Live Your Fully Conscious Awareness

*Explore your own soul language that offers your soul expression, freedom to fly & feel understood

*Live harmoniously on Mama Earth & feel your heartbeat merge with hers

*Sing Your Sacred Soul Song!

*Receive private personal guidance from Eliahu & Michele, group support & lots of private time

*Experience the deep dimension of Mt Shasta Pyramid  with a copper and quartz crystal capstone.  Omaran will host us on his land.  Extra cost for this field trip, depending on how many people in our group.  He also has an optional Christ-Consciousness structure.  More info on his website:  http://www.twinsong.us/pyramid/pyramid.htm

Michele & Eliahu have been communicating with beings on Mt. Shasta for 18 years.

Michele's Soul Pod lives in the city under the mountain and they come out to communicate with her regularly. You may get to meet some of them. Michele often spirit travels under the mountain to meet with her Soul Pod & learn more about how humans can expand into higher consciousness. She imparts this knowledge in her group playshops & with her private clients through High Frequency Sound Healing, Accessing Your Akashic Records & Communing With Your Personal Spirit Guides, Angels & Ancestors. 

Eliahu comes from Star System Altara, communicates often with his Star Family, and assists humans with their deepest healing through Quantum Breath Rebirthing, Reiki, Altaran Star Healing & Sound Vibrational Field.  He helps you to literally ReWire Your Life!

We will create our ceremonial base camp at Panther Meadows. 

Eliahu & Michele will bring lots of water from the Mt Shasta flow. You bring lots of water, too, please! We will take a short day hike according to the ability of group members.

Please see info below for camping equipment and all gear needed.

What to Bring:


~Comfortable sleeping pad: Air mattress, thick memory foam or other. Explore this option thoroughly, please! You want to be very comfortable.

~Warm sleeping bag

~Warm, lightweight clothes for cold temperature nights

~Comfortable, lightweight outdoor clothing

~Comfortable hiking boots or walking shoes (If you get new ones, wear them lots before you arrive to break them in and be sure they work for you)

~Please notice how often we've said "Comfortable" above.  It is very important that your body be well-taken care of, so be sure to know your body's needs.  We are here for ritual & deep spirit journeying, and want your body to be healthy & safe during this time. Take excellent care of yourself!

~Bring food that you love including food to share.  We will potluck as many meals as are conveniently possible.

~Bring locking coolers to keep the food cool & safe.  We will all create a group kitchen, and share in meal creation.  We will intentionally create a flexible group food plan that works for everyone. 

~Bring lots of water. If you are taking medications, please let us know in advance what you take, and their purpose; and any other special needs. 

~Bring durable (hard plastic or metal) plate, bowl, drinking cup, eating utensils, paper towels, toilet paper.  We will set, up eco-wash station for dishwashing. (We bring peppermint soap & wash basin)

~If you have a campstove, let us know.  Please don't go buy a campstove and outdoor cooking equipment, however, if you already have these and can bring them , please let us know. We will bring equipment also, and it's best to coordinate together what is brought.

~Please let us know whether or not you have recently (or ever) camped out. We will happily help you acclimate to the mountain/camping environment. 

~Please inform us of your basic dietary requirements (Vegetarian or vegan, food allergies, etc.). If there are foods you need to have, or eat exclusively, please bring them with you, and label them accordingly. 

~Bring A Good Flashlight

~Ceremonial items: journal & pens, drums, feathers, musical instruments, crystals, sage, palo santo, etc. What calls to you? Art Supplies? Bring what your spirit desires & keep it simple and easy. We will spirit-hold the ritual container, and ceremonial items. Bring a small item to place on our central community altar during our opening ceremony, if you like. 

~Again, your most important job is keeping your body comfortable & happy.  Plan on having a phone/skype consultation with us before the campout.

~We will be off the grid during the campout. No phones, no internet, no electronic devices. You will be safe!!  Michele is trained in first aid, CPR & outdoor rescue.  She has been camping since she was 3 years old.   She is well-schooled in wilderness survival & will have 1st Aid kit. 


Panther Meadows is a walk-in campground located near timberline on Mt. Shasta at 7500 feet. There are 15 sites, all within a short walk of your vehicle. Tables, fire-rings, and vault toilet. Bring your own water or purify the creek water nearby. 3 day limit. No fee. No reservations. Self-register on site. Usually opens around July 1st, depending on winter snowpack, and closes November 1st. Features: Highest campground on the mountain with open views and vistas. There are two small sub-alpine heather meadows a short distance from the campground. Because of the fragile nature of the meadows, great care must be given by all who visit not to incur damage. In recent years, a major effort has been made by local tribes, volunteers, and the Forest Service to re-vegetate the native species and improve the trail system to minimize erosion.

Pay 1 payment of $287. on PayPal to Michele@Love Vibe.US e 

Pay 2 payments of $150.. Deposit now & 2nd payment by July 11

Pay 3 payments of $100. Deposit now, 2nd payment by July 1, 3rd payment by July 11

All payments on PayPal to Michele@Love Vibe.US